The Rules

If you want to get rich fast, please don’t continue reading this Site.

  • This site is only for serious traders, not for gamblers!
  • Keep in mind: 0% Performance per year means that you have lost exactly Nothing !  You kept your initial capital,  you can still improve your trading and look up for a better next year!
  • Keep in mind: 15% Performance per year and you have turned 100k to 115k, which is a remarkable result !
  • Keep in mind: 30% Performance per year and you will beat the best funds managers !
  • “A good trade doesnt need a babysitter”: Always stay committed to your stops, never change a stoploss in an open position.
  • Never add to a losing position. Stay committed to your stops!
  • A Trading-Year has 52 weeks. You dont have to trade every and each week. Clear your mind and stay away from the market for a while. 40 Tradingweeks will lead to the almost same performance as 52 weeks.
  • Dont run after trades! Wait for your trade to get to you. Like anything good in life, dont run after things!
  • Less is more: The less you follow your trade the more unlikely it is that you will make errors.
  • Desktop or mobile trading? Definitely desktop! If the stops are set properly, there is no need to check your trade every and each minute on your mobile!
  • I follow the market ~4 times a day:  (5/6gmt , 10/11gmt , 14/15gmt, 19/20gmt)